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Zing is a cloud-first organization. Those aren’t just buzzwords: born in the cloud, we bring an extremely flexible and agile approach to all our engagements, bringing in the right resource at the right time.

The breadth of the Twilio stack and the nature of the challenges mean that we need a range of engagement models.

Our engagement models

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Tactical Engagements

Short, sharp projects such as a Twilio review, the integration of a new channel or the development of a POC call flow or chatbot. Tactical engagements can also include one of our Zingers working alongside your development team.

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Agile Project Engagements

Longer term projects to tackle larger Flex implementations or digital transformations. Project Engagements typically involve a team led by a Zing Project Lead, working collaboratively with members of your own development team.

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BUILDaaS Subscriptions

Like SaaS for your Twilio development. Our Build as a Service model is based on a minimum monthly commitment with flexibility to accelerate or increase effort. A rolling backlog allows for continual prioritisation, so we do what matters most.

No matter the engagement, we always follow our agile approach:

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Agile doesn’t mean make it up as you go along. The Discover phase is vital to ensuring that we have a development backlog and a clear understanding of your goals before we start.

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When the magic happens.
An iterative approach to development, focused on delivering the highest priority items first. As Twilio experts we can deliver results fast

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The last mile is often the hardest. During the Deploy Phase we work with you to resolve any outstanding issues and help you start benefiting from the power of your Twilio services.

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All customers receive ongoing Zing Care support with access to our online portal. But our Zing Care Plus plans can be extended to provide the ongoing support that your organization needs.


Deep Twilio Expertise

We are experts in how to get the most value from Twilio’s cloud communication and contact centre platform.

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Twiloio flex

Twilio Flex

We work with Twilio’s 100% cloud contact center solution to bring all your conversations into one place, optimize workflows and give your agents the tools they need to provide amazing service.​

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A Customer Data Platform that enables you to learn more about the individuals engaging with your organization across any touch-point, including your website, app or contact centre

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Whether we're integrating a single channel like SMS or implementing an omnichannel communications strategy, we bring deep domain knowledge and a vast amount of experience

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