Bennetts embraces omnichannel as it moves to Flex 2.0 with Zing

Bennetts Biking Services

As a leading UK motorcycle insurance broker, Bennetts Motorcycling Services Ltd provides competitive quotes and insurance cover for hundreds of thousands of riders every year.

Working with Zing, Bennetts brought their omni-channel customer service capabilities together on Twilio Flex. Replicating the capabilities of the existing system, IT development was completed and fully operational on Flex within four months.

As a forward thinking, technology driven business, moving to a new cloud-based contact centre platform was key to continuing to strengthen Bennetts’ high-quality customer service and experience across multiple channels.

Reducing customer waiting times through IVR improvements

Bennetts’ customers are taken through security questions to verify their identity. Zing provided technical support to integrate the verification process into the Interactive Voice Response (IVR) flow.

Customers can use the IVR by providing security verification which triggers a one-time passcode via SMS. Once the caller’s identification has been confirmed, they are transferred through to a customer service agent. This IT development has reduced call times, met regulatory requirements and improved the customer and user experience.

Embracing omnichannel to deliver an improved user experience

Bennetts customers jpeg

Bennetts has also transitioned to Twilio Conversations, an omni-channel messaging platform, adding enhanced web chat functionality to its website The intelligent chatbot - named Gordon after the business’ founder - assists customers with a wide range of queries, including accessing and delivering important insurance documents.

“We’ve seen more and more customers wanting to use webchat. Expanding our omnichannel offering by enabling the chat functionality via WhatsApp has been well received by our customers.”

Sylvie Bernadac
Senior Business Analyst at Bennetts

“The Twilio Conversations API is channel agnostic, whether that’s WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger, there's potential to build out chat capabilities across channels. It’s great to see the omnichannel approach Bennetts is embracing.”

Alexander Reyes-Wainwright
Senior Software Developer at Zing

Also completed during the project was functionality which informs callers of their place in the queue and, where relevant, the expected wait time. Zing supported with IT development resource enabling callers to hold their place in queue, end the call, and receive a call-back.

“At peak times it’s particularly important callers can understand where they are in the queue. Knowing they can confidently hold their place, without waiting on the line, improves overall customer experience. Zing were collaborative and responsive throughout the development process. Daily stand ups meant any questions or technical challenges were quickly addressed and fixed. We are looking forward to getting more value from Twilio Flex.”

Sylvie Bernadac
Senior Business Analyst at Bennetts

Zing assisted the transition to Flex 2.0, which all Flex users will be required to do in the short-medium term. Bennetts is already perfectly placed to continue building out the technical capabilities and continually advancing the experience and interactions the company offers its customers.

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