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Twilio is the leading global cloud-communications provider

Their portfolio of services include a global omni-channel communications infrastructure, cloud-based contact center solution Flex, and Segment.

As a Twilio Preferred Partner we work across the Twilio stack and have an intimate understanding of how it can be applied to deliver you value, fast.

Our role is to understand your challenges, whether it’s a specific problem or a digital transformation project, and bring the power of Twilio to bear on your problem.

Twilio Flex

Flex is Twilio’s cloud-based contact center solution. Flex brings all of your communications into a single solution: whether you have 5 or 500 agents.

Our BUILDnow for Flex methodology is ideal for getting smaller contact centres up and running quickly but our team are equally skilled at supporting global transformations.

Twilio Flex


As a Customer Data Platform, Twilio Segment enables you to learn more about the individuals engaging with your organisation.

Interactions can be captured through any touch-point, including your website, mobile application or through engaging with your customer service team, with Segment providing deep insight into your customer behaviour.

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At Twilio’s core is its omni-channel communications platform that allows you to tailor your communications across voice, SMS, WhatsApp, WebChat and more. Tools such as Twilio Studio support powerful IVR and AI driven solutions.

We’re vastly experienced at getting this balance right and building out solutions that work alongside Flex or your systems.

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buildNow for Flex

buildNow for Flex takes the complexity out of getting started with your Twilio Flex project. Our proven methodology and Flex-Accredited Development Teams help you build solutions faster than ever before.

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Working with is the social impact arm of Twilio. The mission at is to “fuel communications that give hope, power, and freedom”. Now, that’s something we can get behind at Zing. provides technical, financial, and strategic support to help organisations reach their community using the same technology that private sector disruptors like Netflix and Airbnb use to serve their customers.

Zing is one of only a very small number of accredited Implementation Partners. We are proud to have worked with charities, educational organisations and aid agencies in Asia, the Middle East, UK, US and LatAm on Twilio Flex, Programmable SMS and WhatsApp applications.

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