22nd September 2023

Why choose Zing as your Twilio partner?

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Twilio's mission is to unlock builders' creativity through its industry-leading platform, offering programmable communication tools and custom enterprise solutions such as leading customer data platform, Segment and cloud contact centre solution, Flex.

Twilio provides an amazing platform and incredible tools but - as the saying goes - “tools are only as effective as the hands that wield them”.

Enter the Twilio Partner Program, which connects organisations with those that specialise in building with Twilio. Partners are categorised according to scale and proficiency, helping organisations create a shortlist of prospective partners, but what then?

Organisations have an important decision to make. The right partner has the potential to build game-changing, industry leading customer experiences. The wrong partner can lead to endless head-scratching and painful disappointment.

We have everything you’d expect of a Preferred Twilio partner but believe that what our customers appreciate the most is the transparency, communication and clarity of approach as we work together to deliver at speed.

Zing’s expertise and credentials in Twilio

Pure play

We are Twilio pure-play. We believe Twilio is the biggest and best platform, so why build for customers with anything else?

A potted history

Zing started when our Head of Development, Dan Hyrjak and Senior Developer, Natalia Morel attended Twilio’s developer and customer conference in 2018. Then part of Prospectsoft, they were blown away and created an internal team dedicated to building with Twilio. They named it ‘Zing’ after the word jumped out from a ‘Be Amazing’ sign displayed at the afterparty.

Two years later and with the backing of Maven Capital, Zing launched a standalone company. Within a year we’d been accredited as a Twilio Preferred partner.

Today, we are one of the most prolific Twilio implementation partners, having delivered amazing customer value on the Twilio stack for organisations across the globe: from Asia to America, and in the UK where we’re headquartered.

Our customers

We’ve helped over 84 organisations, delivering solutions as varied as a global refugee helpline handling over 1.3m WhatsApps messages a day for the Norwegian Refugee Council, to achieving 200% quicker initial call handling for CarFinance 247, and everything in between.

Twilio’s full product range

We work across Twilio’s technology stack, with unrivalled expertise in Flex, Twilio’s cloud contact centre solution. Now is an exciting time for Flex, with the arrival of CustomerAI, announcement of Flex Unify (hyper personalisation), Flex Mobile and new native channels, and our developers remain at the forefront of customer experience (CX) innovation.

Continuous learning and development

The Zing Developer Accreditation Scheme requires our team to complete a continually expanding suite of Twilio online learning modules. Even our most experienced developers are required to take new or updated modules to maintain their accreditation. Accreditation is both a powerful internal tool and an external demonstration of our credentials.

buildNow for Flex

One of the innovations we’re most proud of is buildNow for Flex, our plug-and-play contact centre service. buildNow takes the complexity out of getting started with Twilio Flex, laying the groundwork for a fully customised contact centre experience. Organisations simply pick the features they want, we plug them in, then focus turns to the custom builds — with more time and more budget left to play with.

Our customers

Client success continues to be wide and varied. Highlights include:

CarFinance 247

- 200% quicker initial call handling ✔

- 2 minute less ‘small-talk’ per call ✔

- One fifth time to onboard ✔

What Zing has helped us achieve with Twilio Flex has been transformative. The improvement to our quotes process cannot be overstated, and I’m incredibly proud of all involved.

Daniel Graham
CTO, CarFinance 247

Age UK

- 10 weeks to move to Flex ✔

- 242% increase volunteer numbers from 2020 ✔

- 4.2 out of 5 stars for user satisfaction ✔

Zing helped us move to Flex in a timeframe that we would never have thought possible. It was brilliant. Because Flex is so customisable and because Zing knows it inside out, we have been able to build exactly what we need.

Alasdair Stewart
Head of National Services, Age UK

Norwegian Refugee Council (NRC)

- 11 Flex contact centres in 12 months ✔

- Ukraine crisis support ✔

- Processing 1.3m+ WhatsApp messages a day in Ukraine ✔

Without Zing’s quick work, ingenuity and great partnership, this could have never happened. Thank you Zing

Christopher Hoffman
Global Project Manager, Norwegian Refugee Council

The key to a successful partnership

We believe that successful partnerships are the result of close collaboration and complete alignment on desired outcomes. We also believe that good communication is essential, from daily stand-ups to regular catch-ups throughout the build, giving customers complete oversight of progress and ensuring challenges are addressed as they arise.

Organisations will occasionally come to us having been frustrated with the siloed working approaches of their previous build partner. Often that partner has preferred to build in a silo; receiving a brief, going off and building, and then handing over the result. Whereas this can sometimes work, we find it is not the experience that most customers value most, preferring instead to be part of the build process and remaining fully involved.

Customised Twilio solutions for your business

The breadth of the Twilio stack and the nature of the challenges mean that we provide a range of engagement models.

We offer tactical engagements (short, sharp projects such as a Twilio review or integrating a new channel), larger implementations (digital transformations), and BUILDaaS Subscriptions (acting as an extension of your team).

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Whatever the engagement, we always follow an agile approach:

  1. Discovery - Vital to ensuring we have a development schedule and a clear understanding of goals.

  2. Build - When the magic happens. An iterative approach to development, focused on delivering the highest priority items first.

  3. Deployment - Resolving any outstanding issues and ensuring customers are benefiting from the power of their Twilio build.

  4. Support - All customers receive ongoing Zing Care support with access to our online portal. Zing Care Plus plans can be extended to provide the ongoing support that a given organisation needs.

The Zing difference

We're here to help you. Our proven Discover / Build / Deploy / Support methodology is designed to cater to your needs, ensuring swift and cost-effective solutions. Whether you require a straightforward tactical engagement or a full Twilio Flex cloud contact centre, we're here to make it happen.

Our team of experts is dedicated to getting you the most value out of Twilio. If you’d like to speak with our current clients in order to gain insights into their experiences collaborating with us, we’d be delighted to arrange an intro call.

Download our partner guide

We understand that choosing a Twilio partner isn't an easy decision to make. So we've put together this guide, to help you navigate the landscape. Understand the different types of partners, where to find them, how Twilio's partner accreditation scheme works and more.

Alternatively, if you're ready to speak to us about your requirements, please do get in touch.

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