Zing Ethics Framework

The world is very complex. The Zing Ethics Framework tries to address these complexities fairly and pragmatically.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to help all organisations unleash the power of Twilio’s services to deliver maximum value and an extraordinary customer experience.

Under our Business for Good Initiative we are committed to prioritising work for Twilio.org Customers to help them make a positive impact on people’s lives.


The Zing Ethics Framework is a set of guidelines, not a hard set of rules. We use this framework to inform us, but each guideline can be considered in isolation and as a body.

Our Ethics Committee uses this to Framework to review every new sales opportunity. Any member of the Ethics Committee can vote against an opportunity and if this happens, the committee must decide via simple majority whether or not to proceed. A quorum of at least three (3) members of the Ethics Committee is needed for all decisions that may raise any ethical dilemmas.

The Ethics Framework has been signed off by our Board and is reviewed every year. It must be signed by all employees.

Doing ethical business

We would not consider working with any Organisation that:

  • Negatively affects the physical or mental health of a person;
  • Does not respect equality, or are actively discriminatory;
  • Promotes or condonse aggressive or exploitative behaviours;
  • Are irresponsible with their approach towards the environment.

Business For Good

Our work for Not for Profit organisations is an important part of what we do and who we are. Under our Business for Good Initiative we:

  • Offer a discounted rate to eligible not-for-profits;
  • Prioritise the work we do for not-for-profits over others, where possible;
  • Do not ask for anything in return for these commitments.

Working together

Our values provide a suitable basis for how we should treat our colleagues, customers, and stakeholders, and provide guidance in our decision making.

We endeavour to make all interactions, between colleagues, customers, and shareholders as transparent and fair as possible. We will also try our best to deliver value to our customers without violating our own ethics framework.

Whistleblowing service

Our Whistleblowing service provides an opportunity for employees to report anything they believe to be suspicious, a case of serious misconduct, or simply not in line with our values and policies.

All submissions can be made anonymously. The Ethics Committee, the CEO and the the Chairman of Zing are notified of every submission who will ensure that every incident is investigated thoroughly.

Environmental Policy

We will be agreeing and publishing our environmental policy shortly.