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Zing Accreditation Scheme

Recognizing the skills and experience of our team.

Our Accreditation is both a powerful internal tool and an external demonstration of our credentials. It combines the parallel tracks of online and peer-based learning with real world project experience and tenure.

The core of our Accreditation Scheme is inevitably focused on our Developers but we have a program for everyone to become a Zing Rockstar.

Zing Twilio Developer Accreditation

Accreditation requires Developers to complete a continually expanding suite of Twilio online learning modules. All Developers, even our most experienced, are required to complete any new or updated modules to maintain their Accreditation.

Importantly, Zing Accreditation requires real world experience. Accredited Developers must have successfully completed at least one Tactical Engagement; to have contributed to at least one Project Sprint; and have a minimum tenure of 3 months at Zing.

Customers can be confident that above and beyond their core technical skills, Accredited Zing Developers are accomplished across the Twilio stack and with our Development methodologies.

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Zing Rockstars

We’re getting the band together. Whether in Development, Customer Success, Sales or Finance, we put an individual and measurable plan together for everyone to achieve Zing Rockstar status.

It’s not just about experience, although this is important (Rockstars must have at least one year’s tenure with Zing). It’s about having real domain knowledge and an attitude that encapsulates our values. We want our team to be recognised for being Amazing!

Every Quarter we have a passing out ceremony where Rockstars are awarded their Zing shades.

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Zing Gurus

We’re a new business in a new sector, and even our partner Twilio was only founded in 2008. We don’t believe in “faking it until we make it” – our reputation is too important to us. But hard-won experience is incredibly valuable and this is where our Gurus come in.

Gurus must have been with us for at least three years: we’re aiming to create long term career opportunities at Zing. And they must be recognised by their peers for their deep knowledge and willingness to share this with the team.

Our Gurus are key to our ongoing training and development program.

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