Business for good

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Life is full of choices and we’re trying to make the right ones

Zing is not a Not For Profit. However, we do believe that profit should not be at any cost. Our goal is to grow the business in a way that we can all be proud of. It’s about choosing to do the right thing whenever we can.

We’re free to make choices about:

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Who we partner with

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The organisations that we work with

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How we engage with Customers

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How we work with each other

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Partnering with

Zing is an Accredited Development Partner is the social impact arm of Twilio. Their mission is to “fuel communications that give hope, power, and freedom”.

Since founding, has provided $124 million in grants, donations, product credits, and discounts to social impact organizations.

We are particularly proud of our extensive .org work, from charities to Global Aid Organisations.

You have changed the lives of tens of thousands of displaced people in extremely difficult and vulnerable situations. Your work has been priceless. Thanks Zing!

Chris Hoffman
Global Project Manager, Norwegian Refugee Council

Wherever possible we have chosen to always prioritise work with qualifying organisations. We have also chosen to offer all qualifying organisations* a 20% discount over our standard tariffs.

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The Organisations that we work with

We have chosen who we will work with. The simple test is the Grandma test: “If we’re embarassed to tell our Grandmothers then we choose not to work with them”.

We do not challenge their right to exist, simply that we choose not to work with them.

The work by Zing on the Twilio Flex platform has enabled up to support as many older people as possible without having to worry about the technology in the background. It’s all quite magical.

Alasdair Stewart
Head of National Services, Age UK

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Focusing on success

How we engage with our Customers

Our goal is to maximise the chance of your success so that we can do the most good together

By maximising your success we believe we can increase the opportunity to build long term relationships. Together we can do more good business that is business for good. This means experimentation and iteration. It means investing in the early stages of the relationship and allowing our Customers to draw on our experience, not just in this sector but across our practice, to succeed together.

With the invaluable help of Zing, the move to Twilio has greatly improved supporter experience, along with the productivity, morale and efficiency of our teams.

Jenny Worwood
Head of Supporter Relations, Oxfam GB

Values Motivate. Ethics Constrain

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Our Values

Zing is a Team. How we work is set out in the Values that our Team have developed.

How we work together defines being a Zinger. We're incredibly collaborative and supportive. We commit time to co-learning and the development of best practice across the organisation.

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Our Ethics

The world is very complex. The Zing Ethics Framework tries to address these complexities fairly and pragmatically. It has been signed off by our Board and is reviewed every year.

We ask all our Customers, Suppliers and Zingers to sign and abide by this Code.

B Corp Plans

B Lab is a nonprofit network that states “We won't stop until all business is a force for good.”

B Corp Certification is a designation that a business meets B Lab’s very high standards of verified performance, accountability, and transparency.

We have chosen to pursue B Corp Certification. The process can be lenghty but we believe that it is an important expression of our commitment to doing the right thing whenever we can. We have not yet achieved Certification.

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