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Easy integration with Twilio's Omnichannel APIs

Twilio’s infrastructure opens up an omnichannel world: from messaging to voice, email and video with tools to power IVR and AI driven solutions.

As experienced Twilio developers we can simplify your integration to this world and help you design your effective omnichannel communication strategy.

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APIs for an Omnichannel World

There's no single solution that works for everyone. You need your own strategy

Whether you're an existing SMS user switching to a better provider or integrating for the first time, we can help.

Channel, timing, content: all matter. You don't need a video about a parcel. You don't need an SMS reminder in the middle of the night. You need to communicate with your customers the way they want.

Our Global experience means that we can help with the challenges of communicating wherever you or your customers are.

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The concept is simple. Delivery is more complex. The team at Zing understand how to optimise each channel for optimum impact.

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We've created over 100 Twilio solutions. You can be confident in our deep domain knowledge across Twilio's stack and their omnichannel APIs.

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We've delivered solutions in Asia, Africa, Europe and North and South America. We understand that customers and communications change across the globe

Same customer, different time, different Channel



Direct and ubiquitous. SMS remains an incredibly powerful channel for customer marketing, reminders and updates.



WhatsApp delivers maximum engagement and conversation at a low cost and with a truly global reach.



In a digital world, a human voice still matters: whether it's a complex issue, a vulnerable customer, or outbound calling.



When a customer's on your site, Twilio chat lets your customer talk to you. And automated bots can do the heavy lifting.


Supporting services

Twiloio flex

Twilio Flex

We work with Twilio’s 100% cloud contact center solution to bring all your conversations into one place, optimize workflows and give your agents the tools they need to provide amazing service.​

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A Customer Data Platform that enables you to learn more about the individuals engaging with your organization across any touch-point, including your website, app or contact centre

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buildNow for Flex

Accelerate your contact centre delivery with buildNow. The Flex features you need, faster.

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