24th April 2022

Zing Turns Two: Business Builds!

Zing Dev Limited spun out from ProspectSoft as a stand-alone company exactly two years ago.

Born in the pandemic, with backing from Maven Capital Partners, we have gone on to deliver amazing customer value building on the Twilio stack for organisations across the globe: from Asia to America, with a particular focus on the UK.

We’re now one of the most prolific Twilio Gold Consulting Partners*, doubling year on year and expect to grow even faster over the next two years.

We are pure Twilio. We’re all-in. Our mission is nothing less than to build the world’s leading Twilio consulting partner!

Zing bar

Pictured: Chambers Bar, Downtown San Francisco

The amaZING road

Excited by what they’d seen at Twilio’s customer and developer conference ‘Signal’ in 2018, Jonathan Brewer, Dan Hyrjak and Natalia Morel knew Twilio was right for their new digital transformation project.

It was during the Signal afterparty in Downtown San Francisco that - through a sea of people - ‘ZING’ stood out amongst two large illuminated words above the bar: ‘BE AMAZING’. The project team had a name!

Everyone came back from that trip very excited and before long Twilio Solutions Architect Bryan Palmer flew over to help with that particular project,” says Jordan Edmunds, Head of Sales and Zing original.

“Our partnership grew really quickly from there. Twilio was developing its UK partnership programme around that time and we became implementation partners in 2019. We could just see so much opportunity in the ecosystem and were determined to be right at the forefront.”

Such was the success of the newly created team, serious conversations began as to whether Zing could launch as a stand-alone company; with backing from Maven Capital Partners, Zing Dev Limited spun-out in April of 2020.

Experienced entrepreneur and co-founder of successful messaging services business Esendex, Julian Hucker was appointed as our CEO and charged with launching and growing the business.

We moved quickly having seen the many opportunities to help organisations join up their customer communications using the brilliant Twilio platform,” says Julian.

We became a Twilio Gold Partner within a year of launching as a stand-alone company, and within 18 months we’d helped 50 businesses enhance their customer experiences. We have no intention of slowing down and have the 100th customer milestone in our sights. It feels like we’re just getting started.”

Julian Hucker
CEO, Zing

The team has grown to over 30 people, but the road has not been without its challenges.

We did have a patch where things got tough,” admits Jordan.

We found ourselves reliant on a small number of clients and were spinning our wheels a bit. There weren’t - and aren’t - many people doing what we’re doing. Being at the forefront of the Twilio ecosystem means continuously pushing the boundaries of what is possible,” says Jordan.

But we’ve always known what could be achieved with Twilio technology and adamant we would be the ones to do it. All of a sudden, things turned around and we started to see the momentum shift that we'd predicted. One of the key moments was when Age UK came onboard. Age UK is a prestigious organisation, and we’re very proud of what we’ve been able to achieve together. Another big name also became a customer in the very same week and we were off to the races! It’s incredible how things have come since.”

Today we remain focused on long term growth and building a team of the best possible ‘Zingers’ via our placement scheme and external hire processes.

We’ve just launched the first stage of the Zing Accreditation Scheme, which is a formal recognition of what is required to become a Zing Twilio developer. This minimum accreditation is dynamic; the requirements change as the Twilio stack grows and our development team members need to maintain their accreditation. This is all part of laying down the foundations for effective and sustainable growth.

This two year mark is a good point to reflect on where we’ve been and where we’re going. It’s also a chance to say ‘thank you’ to everyone that has been part of the journey and to everyone that will be.

So, thank you! Thank you to our customers, to Twilions and all the Zingers that have been part of the journey so far.

Now back to building the amazing.

* Requiring Twilio closed / won influence revenue of $1,000,000+ closed

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