13th October 2020

Zing signed as accredited implementation partner for Twilio.org


Julian Hucker

Most people I speak to in the tech industry wants to make a difference in the world, and the team here at Zing are no different. So, I’m especially proud that Zing has become an accredited implementation partner for Twilio.org, the social impact arm of Twilio.

Twilio.org works in a clever way, providing the amazing cloud communications tools and technology that commercial Twilio customers have, but with added benefits and support for non-profit organisations.

These benefits are designed to overcome obstacles that many non-profits face, from funding and grants through to marshalling volunteers and handling donations. Plus, of course, implementation support – which is where Zing comes in.

We’ve already been working with Twilio to implement solutions for organisations such as Age UK and the Norwegian Refugee Council and being an accredited implementation partner means we can scale up our support for other charities, as well as schools, universities, healthcare providers and local authorities.

We’ve been impressed with the speed that Zing has responded to the challenge and developed solutions that address non-profits’ specific needs. We are delighted to have Zing on board as an accredited partner and support our mission to ignite positive change on a local to global scale.

Monty Hossain
Director of Alliances, Twilio.org

Twilio.org is a trailblazer in the market by offering this kind of structure and programme to create genuine social impact. It was clear from Twilio SIGNAL, last month, how much of a play the company is making in this space, such as working with the likes of the International Rescue Committee, using Twilio to empower refugees and displaced people.

As it becomes even more obvious that the pandemic will have a lasting impact for all non-profit organisations, the role of joined-up communications has never been more important. For some organisations that might be as simple as helping volunteers to work from home, through to others that are ready to embark on a full digital transformation project. Whatever the situation, we’re ready to roll our sleeves up and get started.

If you’re interested in learning more about Twilio.org, then there’s heaps of information and case studies on the website. And if you have a specific need then do, of course, get in touch with me directly by DM or email julian.hucker@zing.dev

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