1st April 2022

Zing Accreditation Scheme launches today


Julian Hucker

Zing Accreditation Banner

The Zing Accreditation Scheme launches today with an initial focus on Developer Accreditation. A first step in a much broader process that I hope will culminate in an Academy in years to come.

As a Twilio Partner we have access to a wealth of online learning materials but classroom and practice are two very different environments. Our Accreditation process recognizes online and peer learning alongside real world experience, both tenure and nature of the work.

Initially we will focus on the Developer experience, with the first stage being Zing Twilio Developer Accreditation.

When a customer knows that Zing Twilio Developers will be working on their solution they can be confident that they know what they’re doing.

Once Accredited Developers have a year's tenure and have achieved a number of technical benchmarks they will become Zing Rockstars and the goal is that, in time, we have a similar system of recognition across the organisation. From customer success and project management, to finance and the commercial team we want to build an organisation of Rockstars.

Expect a flurry of accreditation posts in our team’s LinkedIn streams.

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