10th July 2023

Summer social: We’re going to need a bigger boat

Friday’s summer social started with a team meeting, led by our CEO, Julian Hucker. He was then joined by our chairman, John Thompson who shared some really valuable insight, along with thanks from the board.

20230707 085207
20230707 085247

We then made the long journey from our Paddington HQ to a waiting boat (about 50 whole yards away).

20230707 101140

Love, Growth and Efficiency Awards

Onboard it was time to award this years Love, Growth and Efficiency trophies, with the choice of ('optional') Hawaiian shirts of the winners' choosing.

🏅 LOVE Winner: Joe Hainstock for commitment to Red Cross and NRC projects 👏 Hawaiian shirt? Yes please.

🏅 GROWTH Winner: Nadine Norton for personal growth in leading support function and account management 👏 Hawaiian shirt? No thanks.

🏅 EFFICIENCY Winner: Stefan Crowhurst for sheer hard work and 👌 utilisation record 👏 Hawaiian shirt? Possibly, if in black.

Play was then pressed on the Zing mixed tape; an eclectic mix comprised of one summer song from each Zinger.

20230707 113911

Pictured: Head of Dev Dan forever at hard work, keeping an eye out for pirates


The good news kept rolling as it was announced that Jordan Edmunds, one of Zing's founding members, has been promoted to Sales Director. Read more about it here. Awesome stuff!

We then arrived at the Canalside Green Steps (close to Kings cross).

20230707 113748

Team Zing gumball rallied across to The Green Man (Fitzrovia) for eats and drinks. Following some very nice food, it was time for a team quiz. Congrats to the winners Alexander, Jitan, Stefan, Wei and Julian! 🏆

20230707 150035

Thanks to the awesome social team for organising a great day. How they made the sun come out after a week of rain, we’ll never know. 🙏

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