20th January 2023

New Zing tradition: Winter Social

New Zing tradition: ❄️Winter Social❄️. Thanks to brilliant strategic decision making (and a little due to train strikes), we decided to have a New Year kick-off rather than an Xmas gathering, and it worked so well that we're going to keep it as a new Zing tradition. So... on Friday, we started with some achievements: great growth ✅, great work ✅, great people ✅, who are choosing so stay (just 4% moved onto pastures new last year - which, considering most businesses can expect to see a third go annually, is awesome!)

We then moved on to the three themes for 2023:

Love ❤️
Growth 📈
Efficiency 🚀

After some workshopping, it was off to Dishoom for some lovely food! Not a bad way to start the year.

Zing Winter 2

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