3rd July 2023

A Week in the Life: Nadine Norton, Customer Success Manager

In a series of blog posts, we’re peeking behind the curtain and following Zingers as they go about their day-to-day work.

Here, we look at a week in the life of...

Nadine, Customer Success Manager.

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🕘 First day back after visiting Somerset for a week off. Begin with daily stand up with Jordan (Head of Sales), and get updates on the previous week.

🕙 Tackle the 186 emails in my inbox.

🕚 Catch-up on cases, which have been kept up to date in my absence by my awesome colleagues, so not tooooo much for me to do.

🕛 Lunch. Not that exciting - I eat a sandwich and 2 apples for lunch every single day!

🕐 Customer success and project catch-up with Morgan (Program Manager) and confirm upcoming resourcing requirements.

🕒 End-of-month Customer Success reports for NRC and Red Cross work.

🕔 Focus on getting deployed for an adult education client for urgent requirement, and update to Magento.


🕘 Emails and update action list.

🕙 Ensure cases are up to date in Salesforce and instruct the Support Team on items that require further investigation.

🕚 Work in Salesforce to improve the case process; implementing a flow to automatically update case status depending on reply.

🕛 Lunch. 🍏🍎🥪

🕐 Implement automated case responses for when there has been no response. Add case labels to easily identify the type and priority of cases.

🕑 Focus on getting adult education client deployed for urgent requirement and update to Magento. Didn't get done yesterday as the account we were deploying to was Flex 2.0 and the plugins were built for Flex 1.0 and it took some time to roll the account back to V1).

🕒 Meet with self storage services client to discuss next phase of work and upgrading to Flex 2.0. Update the Statement of Works for the development.

Twilio is now strongly encouraging customers to move to version 2.0 of its digital contact centre solution as soon as possible. All future product updates and new features will only be released on Flex 2.0, and as such we’re increasingly helping customers make the move.

🕓 Get adult education client largely deployed for testing.

🕔 Push code across to one of our manufacturing and retail clients (for Twilio Flex 2.0 migration and additional features).

🕕 Head to the gym. 🏃‍♀


🕘 Check emails and update support cases.

🕙 Investigate and resolve support tickets.

🕚 Work to improve support process for NRC; knowing handover between Zing Developers could be quicker.

🕛 Lunch. 🍏🥪🍎

🕐 Revenue operation meeting to review ongoing projects and monthly revenue.

🕓 Check-in on the status of various projects and investigation pieces being carried out by the technical team.

🕕 Go to see Air, a film is based on true events about the origin of Air Jordan, at the cinema. 🏀


🕘 Support review meeting with Jordan to discuss open support cases

🕙 Action support tickets for Red Cross and other clients.

🕚 Messaged client CTO (at a fashion brand) to confirm wrap-up and next steps.

🕛 Lunch. 🥪🍎🍏

🕐 Completion notices for projects that have finished and those near completion. Work on customer handover packs, which include information on Zing support.

🕓 Call with adult education client to discuss Flex 2.0 upgrade and their requirements for Zing support.

🕔 Check in and update support cases to end the day.

🕕 Gym! 🏃‍♀


🕘 Check cases as usual - close a few off that have now been resolved.

🕙 Meeting free day so can crack on with items on my to do list. Begin by clearing out Salesforce tasks.

🕚 Make small amendments to Salesforce email templates for cases. Begin researching formula to alert we when cases haven't been updated in 2 days (use a trailhead to learn how to do this)

🕛 Lunch. 🍎🍏🥪

🕐 Follow up with our adult education client and send across some information about support plans and Flex 2.0 upgrade

🕓 Plan for improving customer experience post project go-live. Plot out key touchpoints for customers, plan to use salesforce sales cadence to manage this.

🕔 Check support cases and make sure all are up to date ahead of next week.


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