22nd December 2020

A round up of 2020 at Zing

Chloe Baybutt
Marketing Executive

Zing Dev Spin out

For those that know the origins of Zing, you’ll know we were originally a division of leading CRM provider ProspectSoft. In April of this year, we span out as a separate organisation and earned additional financial backing from Maven Capital Partners in support of the spin out. And it’s fair to say we have truly flourished as a stand-alone organisation…

Silver Twilio Partnership status

One of the biggest achievements of 2020 for us, has to be achieving the Twilio Silver Partnership status in July. We were awarded our bronze status back in February and it was always the goal to attain the silver before the end of 2020 and boy, did we deliver – only 6 months after being awarded bronze, we were then named a Silver partner! Our growth as a Twilio partner has been highly due to the uptake in cloud communications – as a result of the pandemic and remote working. Although, this isn’t to say it was the sole reason for this achievement, our empirical focus has always to become the No.1 dedicated Twilio implementation partner, which is demonstrated by our amazing work ethic and determination throughout the year. Our aim for 2021, will be to achieve the gold partnership status – so watch this space!

Twilio.org partnership

Additional to the Silver partnership status, we’ve also been accredited as a Twilio.org implementation partner. Twilio.org is the social impact arm of Twilio, providing non-profit organisations the amazing cloud communication tools and technologies commercial customers have, with added benefits and support. Throughout this year, we’ve been working alongside Twilio.org in a range of projects with the likes of Age UK and Norwegian Refugee Council and we’re delighted to be named as an accredited partner so we can continue to work alongside Twilio.org in these amazing projects in 2021 and beyond!

Industries: Insurance, automobile, energy, non-profit

We’ve successfully launched solutions across a wide range of industries including – Insurance, automobile, energy and non-profit, all whom have a whole host of differing aims and objectives. Our agile methodology has proved essential in this aspect, ensuring we know exactly how to build the solutions to act as a solution to each individual business and what they what to achieve. We plan to continue our impactful work in these industries, plus expand further into additional industries over the coming months.

Team sized increased

Inevitably with the increase in projects, we’ve incrementally increased our employee count in order to meet demand for cloud communication solutions. We’ve grown size by 50% since the start of the year and we’re aggressively recruiting for 2021.

International growth

We’ve seen a significant growth in our global reach, operating in 8 different countries this year alone. From US to Asia, we’ve done it all !

It’s safe to say 2020 has been eventful and we’ve got some incredible milestones to show for it – and it’s all down to the fantastic work ethic of the whole team here a Zing. And there’s no doubt we’ll be back bigger and better than ever in 2021!

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