21st December 2023

Retrospective: Zing's 2023 in 3s

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What a year it’s been. To try and do it all in justice in one blog post would be impossible. So, we're going to highlight 3 awesome things in the following categories: Customer Success, Resources, Events, and Socials.

Lists are in no particular order (that really would have been impossible), here we go...

3 key customer success stories

Packed full of customer successes, here are 3 of the biggest this year.

1. Age UK (September)

In September we were invited onto 'Twilio Talks...' along with our good friend Alasdair Stewart, Director of National of Age UK to discuss the super fast Flex implementation that's achieved safe, scalable and cost-effective services. Check it out!

2. CarFinance 247 (June)

In June, we captured the awesome work transforming CarFinance 247's quote process. Nicole Taylor, Head of Product CF247 and our own senior developer Natalia Morel talk turning vehicle finance on its head with Twilio Flex.

3. IFRC (November)

In November, we published details of our work supporting the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC) in delivering Flex digital help desks that are supporting thousands upon thousands of people around the world.

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3 key resources

This year we’ve been creating contact to help people get the most out of Twilio. Here are 3 of the most popular.

1. ebook: The complete guide to working with a Twilio build partner (September)

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So you’ve signed-up for Twilio, but now you need a little help? No problem, that’s what Twilio Build Partners are for!

Finding the perfect partner can be tricky. So we created an ebook detailing how partners can help, how we differ and much more.

2. Blog & Videos: A complete introduction to Twilio Flex Insights (November)

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If you’re on a paid Flex plan, you have Twilio Flex Insights, which lets you drill down in the most granular of detail. Our Customer Success Manager, Nadine Norton released a Complete Introduction to Twilio Flex Insights, along with a series of ‘how to’ videos, which will continue in 2024.

3. Newsletter: The Build (July)

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The newsletter dedicated to helping you build exceptional experiences with Twilio launched in the summer. Sign-up to get expert advice on how to use new functionality to improve customer experience and stay ahead of the curve.

3 key events

2023 was the return of the in-person event and what a welcome return it was!

1. Signal (San Fran)

SIGNAL, Twilio’s annual customer and developer conference is where Twilio lays out its vision for the future and announces product enhancements and launches. The largest SIGNAL takes place in San Francisco and is broadcast around the world. This year certainly did not disappoint with exciting announcements around: CustomerAI, Flex Unify, Flex Mobile and more!


2. SIGNAL (London)

Always great to catch up with Twilio CEO Jeff Lawson. It was an absolute pleasure to attend an impeccable event with our friends from Age UK and IFRC. Brilliant tech and awesome company, what more could you want? The world's most advanced human-like robot? Well that was there too!

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3. We’ve cheated here and listed a whole bunch of awesome events: the CCA Global Leader Summit, #CCCExpo, NCXN in Norway, our AI and automation event in Norway, and CCW in Berlin!

2023 was the year for getting back out to trade shows and conferences alongside Twilions, and it was great to meet so many new people.

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3 key socials

1. Winter Social

Thanks to brilliant strategic decision making (and a little due to train strikes), we decided to have a New Year kick-off rather than an Xmas gathering, and it worked so well that we're keeping it as a new Zing tradition. The social started with some achievements: great growth ✅, great work ✅, great people ✅, who are choosing so stay (just 4% moved onto pastures new last year - which, considering most businesses can expect to see a third go annually, is especially awesome!)


2. Summer Social

Our summer social started with a team meeting, led by our CEO, Julian Hucker. He was then joined by our chairman, John Thompson who shared some really valuable insight, along with thanks from the board. We then made the long journey from our Paddington HQ to a waiting boat (about 50 whole yards away). We arrived at the Canalside Green Steps (close to Kings cross) and from there, it was over to Green Man (Fitzrovia) for eats and drinks.

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3. Board Games Night

The Zing Social Council organised many great events this year, including the Zing Ping table tennis tournament and the crazy golf show-down, but the original board games night was so popular it become a recurring event!

Board game


Wow, what a whistle stop tour through 2023. We can't wait for 2024, and will soon be posting about what we're most excited about for the coming year. Stay tuned.

Oh and have a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!!

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