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Building video testing capability within Twilio Flex

International travellers can be required to present a supervised negative Covid-19 test before entering certain countries.

At-home testing and diagnosis company Chronomics is the partner of choice for a number of major airlines and travel operators, and also offers video supervised lateral flow and PCR tests directly to consumers.

Having used a costly third-party video provider, Chronomics wanted to build video supervision capability within its Flex platform, giving its supervisors complete oversight of customer interactions in one place and providing a seamless experience for its customers.

Chronomics 2

Within two weeks, Zing built supervised video testing capability within Twilio Flex using Twilio Video.

Customers purchasing a Chronomics Fit to Fly Test receive the kit four days before their departure. When ready, they register the kit and are entered into a virtual waiting room to test video and microphone set-up. They’re then assigned to the next available test supervisor and take their test.

“Zing not only delivered, but went above and beyond in supporting us with advice and best practice. I would like to give a big ‘thank you’ to the team! We enjoyed working together and have made a big difference to both our customer and internal experience.”

Ana Magalia
Customer Experience Operations Leader at Chronomics

“Twilio Video is so easy to work with. Chronomics and its customers now have all the benefits of Twilio Flex, including Taskrouter, using video rather than just voice. Covid hugely impacted the way people communicate and we’ve entered a new era of remote face-to-face communication via video. As demonstrated, Flex is perfect for handling such video interactions!”

Alexander Reyes-Wainwright
Project Lead Engineer at Zing

Chronomics now has inbuilt video capability and is exploring further medical applications.

Chronomics case study

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