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Zing CARE is range of rapid-implementation communication solutions, built on Twilio’s cloud communication platform. The portfolio is designed to get your remote workforce up and running as quick as possible.

The portfolio includes 4 communication services: Consult, Alert, Respond and Engage.


Many organisations are being thrown into the deep end when it comes to working from home. Zing is a remote first business, with a extensive experience of distributed working.

Zing Consult provides organisations with support and advice on best practices to get up and running with remote working communications.

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Zing Alert provides your organisation the ability to provide rapid SMS notifications to your employees or customers.

SMS is an easy, efficient and effective way to communicate directly with your customers and employees.

Zing Alert will enable you to tailor your approach and send your message direct to the hands of the user. 


Quickly enable your employees to begin taking work calls from home with Zing Respond standard telephony.

Call forwarding from your existing channels and routing these calls through a tailored IVR flow ensures your customers face minimum disruption.

Your call agents use the Zing Respond softphone to receive inbound phone calls and make outbound calls.

Zing Respond Features


  • Make & Receive Calls at Home

  • Calls Routed from Office Number

  • Integrated IVR

  • Rapid Setup and Delivery

  • Ability to Join Conferences

  • Basic Reporting Capabilities

  • Mute Calls

  • Call Transferring

  • On Hold

  • International Calling

Does NOT Include:

  • Ability to start conferences


Our flagship, Zing Engage is a cloud-based contact centre application, powered by Twilio, delivered straight to your home workers.

Deployed rapidly, Zing Engage allows your employees to make full use of call transfers and conferencing, whilst providing your organisation with detailed call reporting, to provide full visibility across your remote workers.

Zing Engage Features


  • Make & Receive Calls at Home
  • Calls Routed from Office Number
  • Integrated IVR.
  • Rapid Setup and Delivery
  • Ability to Create and Join Conferences
  • Agent View Reporting
  • Warm & Cold Call Transfers
  • Omni – Channel

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