Safe 2 Serve

A simple tool for restaurants and pubs to capture customer details

To support the NHS Test and Trace service, hospitality businesses are now expected to capture the name, contact number and arrival time of all customers – and keep a secure record of this for 21 days.

Zing’s Safe 2 Serve solves this problem cost-effectively, hygienically and securely.

Your customers text a dedicated mobile number and are asked for their name. In return they receive a “Safe 2 Serve” badge that they can use to demonstrate to your serving staff that they have registered. Customer details are then held on a secure online database, accessible only by selected individuals chosen by you.

For venues without mobile coverage, Safe 2 Serve also functions as an online chat.  Provide your customers with WiFi, and they’ll be able to access a site dedicated to your venue, enabling you to securely and safely capture the data you require.

Getting Set up

To get set up, please get in touch:

* You will require a Twilio account for the text messages. This will cost less than £10 and we will talk you through this.

Safe 2 Serve in action

Our First Customer was The Fontmell in Dorset.

Customers text “I want a drink” to their dedicated number to kick-start the process. The Fontmell has poor mobile coverage so customers can also use the dedicated web chat through their free WiFi.

“I love the ingenuity from the Zing team – it solves a small but important problem at a time when we’ve already got a lot on our plate. Our staff are really looking forward to serving customers again and this helps keep everyone safe and avoid an admin headache on our side too. That’s something everyone can drink to!”

Ben Moxham

Manager, The Fontmell

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